Christ’s Teaching

And seeing the multitudes, He went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him. Then He opened His mouth and taught them, saying:

Matthew 5:1-2

This week, let us think about the first section of the Sermon on the Mount, which is called the beatitudes. These are short sayings of Jesus that describe life in the Kingdom of God. These sayings teach us to respond to the ups and downs of life as a Christ-follower.

The key word in these verses is blessed or, as some translate it, “happy.” How can we be blessed despite our circumstances? I’m glad you asked! Jesus reveals truth in these verses that is counter-cultural and meant for us in our time. With our Bibles open to this Scripture, let’s take an abbreviated survey through these verses.

Jesus is our authority. He is our authority as Christians. And He is the authority to which everyone will give account.

Notice throughout Matthew 5-7 how often Jesus appeals to His own authority in delivering His message.  One four separate occasions Jesus grounds His teaching in His own authority in chapter 5 alone.  (Ch. 5:21, 27, 33, 43)

It is important to note the following statement. Jesus did not come to correct the law or create new law. He came to fulfill and reestablish the one true law. The religious establishment of His day had overshadowed the true word of God with their traditions and man-made teachings. Jesus, by His own authority, came to set the record straight.

We give thanks for Christ’s teaching and His authority. Let us follow Christ’s Words and live under His reign all the days of our lives!

Tony French


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