My Supply

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

This promise from the Word of God is powerful and all-encompassing. The precept that the Christian learns here is key to achieving the peace of God. Let us examine this one verse in detail this week.

Who is the author of this promise? God Himself is the guarantor of this awesome principle. Our Lord is able to keep every pledge He makes. We can trust Him with everything and with every need in our lives. Our Lord is able to do exactly what His Word declares.

What does the promise entail? God will supply all of our needs. He will bring us through and grant us all that we need to live for Christ. This verse does not guarantee that the Almighty will give us all that we want. The Father has vowed to meet our needs whenever they arise. God’s timing can be very different than ours. He will provide and you and I can trust Him in our times of difficulty.  

How is this promise enacted? The Father will enact this principle through His riches in Christ Jesus. Jesus rose from the dead and His resurrection teaches the Christian that God’s power can and does perform miracles. Our Lord can do all that He has declared. If He raised Jesus from the dead, the Almighty can take care of us.

What an incredible promise one sees in this passage of Scripture. Thanks be to God who takes care of His own. You can trust in the Lord, child of God.

Tony French


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