As Christians, we seem to be living in a foreign land. Our values and beliefs are considered out of step with post-modern society. What was once considered right and good is now thought of as hateful and bigoted. We live in an upside down world. What the Bible teaches as “right” is wrong, and what the Scriptures consider “wrong” is right in our world. (Isaiah 5:20) How are we to respond to all of this?

The book of Daniel tells the account of someone who lived under similar circumstances. Daniel lived in a decadent, pagan world. Yet, he stood strong and was able to live a holy life despite his circumstances. He provides a model for us as we face an unknown future in a society that is growing increasingly hostile to the truth of God’s Word.

Holy living is still possible at this point in history. It is not only possible, it is commanded by Scripture. The way will not be easy and the cost will be high at times. But, the Bible does not change because of God’s immutable nature.

Daniel was empowered by God to obey and we are as well through the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray that God will richly bless us in our study of God’s Word. Thank you for reading this post.

Tony French

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