God Of The Future

“Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise, exalt and honor the King of heaven, for all His works are true and His ways just, and He is able to humble those who walk in pride.”

Daniel 4:37

**God knows the future.

The book of Daniel is a prophetic writing. As such, the writer (inspired by the Spirit of God), predicts and prophesies future events. Daniel’s message contains many prophecies.
Some were fulfilled in his lifetime and others came to pass long after Daniel faded from the scene.

Daniel could write and speak with confidence about the future. The reason? Daniel knew that God could see the future. God knew of events that were going to take place long before they ever appeared to human beings. The God that we serve knows the future. Daniel could write with absolute assurance because the message he received was from the God who knows all and sees all.

This principle ought to give us a great comfort. God sees everything we face before we see it. He knows, He cares, and He gives us strength for our time of need.

We can have assurance that God knows our future and He loves us no matter what you and I endure in our time on this planet. God sees and knows our future. And He has a plan to bring us through and to lead us safely home. What a mighty God we serve!

Tony French

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