Fight The Good Fight

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith;  2 Timothy 4:7

Paul’s last letter to Timothy contains this stirring, triumphant chorus. Paul, realizing the end was near, proclaimed that He had “finished the course” of his life. He had been faithful. And Paul stayed in the fight until the end.

Paul’s example leads us to consider how we can finish well with Jesus. Many Christians do not end their journey properly. Some end up in bitterness and defeat and others simply quit before the end. May that NOT be the case with us. Let’s look at how we can finish our time well.

  1. Be committed. One way to finish well is to keep showing up. Show up when the days are good and when the times are difficult. Keep serving when you feel like it and when you do not feel good. Be committed and stay in the fight.
  • Keep your eyes on Jesus. Study His Word, be faithful to His church, and listen to the Holy Spirit day by day. Ask Christ for strength through your daily prayers. We serve Jesus and He is the one we are seeking to please.
  • Finally, realize that your ministry matter to God. What you do for Christ is not in vain. God sees and He will bless your work in ways that are seen and in many more way that are unseen. Ministry can be discouraging. But, even when it seems like failure, know that every effort for Christ will produce something good for the Kingdom of God. (Galatians 6:9)

Fight the good fight. Finish course. Believer, keep the faith. You will not regret it!

Tony French

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