Former Wretch

O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.   Romans 7:24-25

Wretched. It’s a difficult word. The word is defined as one who is in a miserable state, one who is pitiable. Wretched is a word we don’t use very often and it’s is not a word we use of ourselves.

Paul reveals that he considers himself to be wretched and contemptible apart from Christ. Though we may not use the word, deep down we know the same is true of us. We know that we have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. (Romans 3:23) We perceive that our righteousness and goodness will never be enough. We understand that we are guilty of breaking God’s law.

Thankfully, Paul tells us the rest of the story. He gives thanks to God through Jesus Christ. Why? Because he knows of God’s grace. Paul explains this as he writes the inspired letter to the church at Rome. Paul knows that Jesus paid the penalty and died as our substitute. He teaches that God justifies believers by faith. Paul proclaims that his sin has been imputed to Jesus account and that Jesus righteousness has been imputed to his account. Jesus won the victory over sin!

What Paul revealed is true of all Christians. Our sin has been removed, forgiven, and cleansed. We have been given the righteousness of Christ through the grace and mercy of God. In our own flesh we are wretched.  But, in Christ, we are wholly new, completely saved, and on our way to Heaven. We ought to be thankful to Jesus every moment of every day!

Tony French 

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