God’s Creation

God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.

Genesis 1:31

The creation accounts in Genesis 1-2 detail God’s handiwork and power. Everything is made and completed in these creation days. Order, structure, and design are woven into the very fabric of creation.

God declares it all to be very good at the end of the sixth day. Earlier, the Lord declared creation good. (Genesis 1:25) But at the conclusion, the Creator proclaims “it is very good.”

Sin entered the world after creation and marred God’s handiwork mightily. The very ground was cursed after Adam’s sin in the garden. (Genesis 3:17-18) Adam and Eve were driven from the garden and were separated from God’s presence.

While it is true that sin has corrupted creation and human beings, it also correct to say that we can still the goodness of God’s creation. The beauty of this earth is unmatched by anything made with human hands. The Creator provides for this planet and sustains it by His power and might. His goodness flows to this earth even when people reject the Lord. One can still see the goodness of God in creation.

As Christians, we are glad that there is hope for future restoration. There is a “New Heaven” and a “New Earth” coming one day. (Revelation 21-22) All that was lost in the garden because of sin will be renewed and restored when Jesus rules over all the earth visibly and powerfully. We look forward to that day when we shall see it. I would imagine when we do, we will declare with the Lord, “it is good, it is very good.”

Tony French

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