To Timothy, my true child in the faith: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.  1 Timothy 1:2

Paul’s greeting to Timothy is full of kindness and love. Paul also used a similar salutation in his second letter to the young pastor. He desires three things for Timothy—grace, mercy, and peace from the Lord.

Those divine concepts should be our desire for our fellow travelers as well. Our kindness and love should be demonstrated to others as we live our daily lives. We should be seeking to display these attributes to each person we come in contact with each day.


We have received grace from God. He has made us His child and adopted us into His family. He has saved us, reconciled us, and redeemed us from our sin. And God did these things not because we deserved it. We most assuredly did not! But the Lord grants us His favor on all those who will believe. Thanks be to God for His grace.


God has withheld from us what we truly deserve. As sinners, we merit everlasting punishment and shame. As law-breakers, we deserve to be separated from God’s goodness forever. Yet, in His love, He has mercifully saved us and forgiven us through Christ’s sacrifice. We do not receive what we truly require due to God’s mercy. Jesus mercy is expressed through His finished work on the cross. Thanks be to God for His mercy.


God grants peace to all who receive Him. We receive the peace that is beyond understanding. The peace of Jesus helps us, sustains us, and secures us despite any and all adverse circumstances. Thanks be to God for His peace.

We have been given these wonderful gifts. Let us now show these gifts to those who are in need. May all around us see the grace, mercy, and peace of Christ in us.

Tony French

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