“You shall not sacrifice to the Lord your God an ox or a sheep which has a blemish or any defect, for that is a detestable thing to the Lord your God.”

Deuteronomy 17:1

Old Testament worship under the Law of Moses required sacrifices from God’s people. The Jews were obligated to bring sacrifices that were slain on their behalf for the forgiveness and covering of their sins. Such oblations coincided with certain times and seasons of the year and were continual reminders of God’s goodness despite the sin of His nation.

An important aspect of sacrifice is taught in Deuteronomy 17. Every sacrifice had to be without defect and as close to perfect as possible. Blind and lame animals would not be accepted by the Lord. Sick and dying animals were never to be offered to God. It was a detestable act to bring an unworthy sacrifice before Jehovah. He requires the best.

These Old Covenant sacrifices are pictures and symbols of Jesus. The perfect, spotless Messiah lived for our righteousness. He perfectly upheld and obeyed the Law and never strayed from His Father. Then, He died as the perfect, righteous Son of God to take away the sins of humanity. (John 1:29)  The Lamb died as the just for the unjust and the righteous for the unrighteous.  God gave His every best for us.

Since God gives His best to us, may we give our best to Him. Christian, may we serve Him and trust Him day by day. And I pray that our love for the Lord grows stronger with the passage of time. God bless you all!

Tony French

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