The Righteousness of God

God is righteous. This fact is learned very early in the cycle of Christian maturity. Righteousness is an attribute of God that is unchanging and perpetual.

What do we mean when we say God is righteous? The dictionary defines righteous as “characterized by uprightness or moral character.” God’s righteousness is not simply something He does, it is who He is. Righteousness is a component of God’s character.

The Bible speaks often of God’s righteousness. Psalm 7:11 declares “God is a righteous Judge.” Psalm 33:5 relates the truth that God loves righteousness and justice. These examples are only two of many throughout the entirety of the Bible that speak to this attribute of God.

May we consider the implications of this truth? God is righteous all the time. He is in a perpetual state of being “right.” Such a truth is impossible for us to comprehend in our limited, sinful state and yet we know it is true.

God is righteous when things don’t go well in this life. He is righteous when my prayers are answered in the way I desire and when they are not answered as I had hoped. God’s righteousness in not contingent upon the circumstances of our life even when do not understand His ways or His will.

Ultimately, God is righteous in saving sinners. What is the reason for this? God punished Jesus in our place. (2nd Corinthians 5:21) Jesus was condemned so that we could go free.  (Romans 8:1) We are justified in God’s sight and given the righteousness of Christ through salvation. (Titus 3:7) 

May we give thanks today to the God who is always righteous and just!

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